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Minerva A. Garcia

Minerva A. Garcia

the author

Minerva A. Garcia is a Microbiologist, NYC marathoner, Published Poet, published Scientist, and Guest Speaker at major scientific Conventions.

“The Journey of a Rainbow…: My Poetic Journal Mind Views” is her first book.

I’ve been writing poetry since I was about eight years old. I was encouraged by age five to exercise verbally my poetic talents, which my private teacher discovered. I didn’t know then, as it became a life’s passion for poetry.

In JHS and HS both of my teachers gave written assignments, and I excelled beyond their compression and immediately recognized discovering this talent, which I was never told.

As time progressed, my passion grew stronger and my expressive state endured on. I’ve my husband to thank for discovering and revealing this talent to me.

He was the person the awoke this art found in me, and it was through his discovery that I am able to write today and I treasure him for this. My poetry really exploded in creativity when my brother passed on when I was a freshman in College and then when meet my husband.