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The Journey of a Rainbow My Poetic Journal Mind Views

Poetry is one of the most enticing and respected forms of literature. When done well, it can last through the ages and touch us in a way that no other art form can.

Author Minerva A. Garcia pens an impressive collection of poems in her book, “The Journey of a Rainbow…: My Poetic Journal Mind Views.” In this, she touches on the subjects of love, God, and even the aphorisms of a microbiologist. Her distinct writing style and rhythmic cues add soul and brevity to her words, making them stand out despite many poems featuring these themes.

The Journey of A Rainbow and The Poetic Journals were titles I had in my subconscious mind for over since I was in HS. I would have never imagined this could be a reality. I am a Microbiologist by profession but my passion is poetry, is where I am most comfortable and at ease in this realm. This collection of poems I hope can reach people’s imaginations as I’ve reached mine. My goals are to be able to bring to you to a world that is nice and unique for the view. I am concern with the many aspects of life, the world we live in, our environment as how it impacts our present, future and our enduring offspring’s’. I want to see the world like a beautiful flower, protecting it, loving it and always watering it as I am admiring it.